About Sandbourne

Bournemouth Housing Society for the Elderly (BHSE) and Broadway Park Housing Association (BPHA) merged on to become Sandbourne Housing Association.

Our new name has been adopted from the Thomas Hardy novels based in Wessex — Sandbourne being his chosen name for the Bournemouth area.

We were both, and continue to be "not for profit" Registered Housing Providers with Charitable Status, more commonly known as a Housing Association. We are registered with and regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) and FCA registration number 12740R (as a community benefit society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies & Credit Union Act 2014 No. 12740R) and a member of the National Housing Federation.

Ringwood and District Old Peoples Housing Society (RDOPHS) merged with Sandbourne on after being noted by the RSH and receiving regulatory approval from the FCA.

Bournemouth Ace Housing Association Limited (Ace) merged with Sandbourne on after being noted by the RSH and receiving their regulatory approval from the FCA.

Our Aim

Our basic aim has not significantly changed. We continue to provide a small, though increasingly robust, locally based, person centred business. This includes providing short and long term affordable accommodation and communal facilities targeted to meet a wide variety of local needs. We have a dedicated team of staff who provide a wide variety of services including administration, finance, housing management and maintenance. Along with our contractors, we provide these services primarily to our leaseholders, tenants and shared ownership occupiers (residents). We strive continually to improve our services and make our buildings and services as accessible as possible.

Our Aims & Objectives

How We Work

Our work is governed by legislation, regulation, policies, and contracts and is overseen by the Board and shareholders all of whom have a variety of suitable skills and serve in an entirely voluntary and unpaid capacity. Up to a third of Board vacancies are available for residents and are voted on by residents every three years. This ensures the views of residents are considered at the highest level. The day-to-day work of the Association is carried out by paid staff, covering all the administration, finance, property, and housing management services. All front line staff are required to have enhanced Disclosure Barring Service clearance (formally known as CRB) which is renewed every three years. We are committed to treat everyone (whether customer, supplier, applicant or employee) equally regardless of gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or faith, etc.

Role of the Board

The Board decide the overall strategy, policy and direction of the Association and employs staff, monitors performance and ensures the business is well run and meets its legal and regulatory obligations.

Our Board Members Staff & Our Structure

Role of a Shareholder

A shareholder receives a copy of the Association’s Annual Report and is entitled to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). A third of residents can also become shareholders. All shareholders can also stand for election to the Board. A non-refundable sum of £1 is required to be paid. As a "not for profit" organisation, shareholders do not receive a financial dividend when the Association performs well! Shareholders' liability in the (exceedingly unlikely) scenario of losses is limited to £1.

It is important to the Association’s ongoing success that we maintain an up-to-date and robust register of shareholders; people with an interest in the aims of the business, whose motives are altruistic and who wish to support the organisation.

If you are interested in becoming a Shareholder or a Board member of the Association, to be part of our ongoing success story for the future, please submit a brief CV with your reasons for applying and what you feel you can bring to the organisation to info@sandbourne.org.uk.

Please see our Policy on Admitting New Shareholders (PDF).