Aims & Objectives

Sandbourne strives to continually improve services to all residents and to make its buildings and services as accessible as possible.

Sandbourne has the following specific aims:
  • To be locally based and primarily operating in the Poole, Bournemouth and Ringwood areas.
  • To provide high quality, affordable homes to enable residents to live independently.
  • To provide additional homes as the opportunity arises.
  • To empower residents to have a direct say in the way that their homes and services are managed and to play an active role in the continuous improvement and development of systems and services.
  • To employ high quality, dedicated staff who can assist residents in benefiting from the quiet enjoyment of their homes and promote all aspects of equality and diversity.
  • To seek to continually improve our services and adapt them to the needs and requirements of our residents.
  • To use local contractors wherever reasonable.
  • To strive to embed Value for Money principles in all its activities.
  • To remain ‘SMALL’ (defined as less than 1,000 homes by the Regulator).
  • To remain independent.